God is soooooo THERE……


Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed and grateful that He is, trust me.  I just wish I knew why He chooses to wake me from rare sleep to tell me things, especially when my brainfog  takes so long to clear when I get woken up from said rare sleep.

God’s been the most constant friend I have, especially when my actions, and sometimes even my heart, has told Him to kick rocks.  I’ve abused His friendship, forgotten about it when times are extra good, and hung from His neck 24/7 when times were crappy.  Yet He’s consistently overjoyed to hear from me.

Lol, I think I just answered my own question……..He wakes me up to get my undivided attention, just to share a private moment, and say I love you……and it’s on me if my first thought is WHAAAAAAAAAT??  I’m sleeping here, do ya mind?  Wow,. I’m a 50 something bratty teenager, how embarrassing!  I am a true CHILD of God, and my manners suck first thing in the am…….I’m ashamed, and also now know where my son learned the behavior.  No wonder it bugs me so much, mini me.

I’m pretty lucky that God is sooooooooooo THERE…..and glad He always will be!

More later, xx





About suzanne2901

Wife, Mom, friend, fibro warrior

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