OK, God….What now?

I’ve cried Uncle, and started pain management, only to have the one sleep med that’s worked in the last 28 years taken away!  This doctor says that my chronic pain is caused by my sleep pattern……lack of stage 4 rem sleep( ummm duh!  I can’t sleep more than an hour at a time without being woken up by pain, unless I’m knocked out by my trazodone that you took away from me, ty!)  and chronic sinusitis (which I’ve had since I was , like, 12)I never had any issues with sleep deprivation until after my first injury in 1988. Since then, I’ve struggled to get a decent night’s sleep, and over the years, it’s gotten harder and harder.  His answer to this diagnosis, is:   1.10pm bedtime, 2. sinus sprays for sinusitis, and 3. a medication for sleep that I’ve taken in the past that caused vivid dreams and/or nightmares when and if I finally did fall asleep.   In my 28 year cohabitation with chronic pain, which includes visits to Mayo Clinic, I have NEVER heard of this diagnosis for chronic pain, ever!

I started his protocol last night……….to make a long story short, I had the WORST night’s sleep I’ve had in years, and was in so much pain when I got up, I woke up my poor husband from a sound sleep with my tears.  In order to comply with dr’s orders and not risk getting ” fired” from pain management, I have to do this for at least two weeks, at which time is my follow up visit with this doctor………I hope I’m not certifiable by then………your turn God, because I certainly can’t handle this!



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