It’s funny, the things that run thru your mind when you’re trying to sleep and can’t……

I learned early yesterday morning of the passing of a friend.  His name was Paul Curran, and it hit me pretty hard.  First of all, I should tell you, I’ve never met Paul in person, only conversed with him here in “bloggerville” as a mutual friend of ours is fond of calling this space.  Paul has a way of grabbing your heart at first meeting, at least he did mine, and we had a few very wonderful conversations.  I hope he knows how much he means to me, and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to know him, even for so short a time. I look forward to meeting you, face to face.  Until then, enjoy perfect health, lucky dog!

What if I’d never come back here a few weeks ago?  I don’t even remember how I did.  I’d have missed out on a friendship that, though brief, has enriched my life, in ways that I see and feel, and in ways that I’m sure are yet to be foreseen.  Such are the mysterious and loving workings of my very awesome God.

Thank You, God, for yet another one of your gifts.  I just wish this one didn’t have to end, for me, so soon.  For, Paul, I am so glad his suffering is over, and he’s earned his eternal reward.





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  1. I think Paul had that effect on everyone he met here. I’m sure he never would have expected the outpouring of grief upon his death. Thank you for such a beautiful, heartfelt post.

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