A verbal hug…..

My friend Ra is AMAZING!!!!! I hope someday I’m as brave and imaginative as she is……….She blows me away with every blog of hers I read, and inspires me, not only with her creativity, but with her strength, and her generous heart as well. She GIVES, so much, with every word she writes. I often wonder if she realizes what a gift she, herself, truly is? I do, and I just adore her ❤


I’ve been waiting for her to come home, pressing my face to the window, skipping meals as I fill up on all the ticks and tocks of time. I smudge the glass to stare past it, the vision too blurred to see, but I think seeing is unnecessary in this case. I will know her. I knew her so very well.

I’ve been waiting for her to come home, letting my hair grow out. The cells are dead but they remember the waiting, so I let them flow, keeping them tucked to me. I want to cut the locks that hold in this year of time.

I am not waiting any longer.

The window is clean now and I see now that there’s no way she’d ever walk up that path again. There is no path. There is no she.

But then, nothing is ever created or destroyed. There is…

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