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it’s just a blog

I just can’t help myself, have to share yet another of my wonderful friend Ra’s blogs…….she’s just that special……Her writing, oh, how it grabs you and takes you along on her wonderful journeys! Like I’ve said before, I sit in awe, and pray that I can learn and grow from reading her blogs and being lucky enough to be granted a space in her circle,, ……….that some of her magic will land on me………


There’s a woman in the commercial, typing wildly, at a desk. She is clearly an author.  Pages of words line her screen and her workspace, sheets of crunched up paper fall from her trashcan.

“What kind of job do you think she has?” my friend asks her 5-year-old. The young one is learning about jobs, at school.

She sighs in mock-grownup-exasperation. “Mom. I already know what she is.”

“A firefighter?” I joke.
“A guitarist?” Her mom joins in.

“No,” the little one says, turning to finish her lego structure. “She’s a dinosaur. Just like Rara.”


“You don’t know me,” he says, as soon as I answer the phone, “but you know my girlfriend. My future wife. My hopefully-future wife. To be totally honest, she knows you. I don’t know how much you remember about your readers, but she remembers everything about you. She reads you every day, and tomorrow…

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